Fields started off as a series titled "Creatures & Fields" which was an attempt to visually represent the differences and conflicts between the id and ego when creating artwork. My original idea went something along these lines:

"Within the constructs of Sigmund Freud’s structural model of the psyche he outlined three symbolic models of the mind; id, ego, and super-ego. Broken down to less technical terms the id is instinct, super-ego is moral, ego is the organized mediator between the other two. My new series Creatures & Fields is my attempt to visually represent these concepts. The “Creatures” represent my wants, desires, impulses, and in turn they tend to be bright, loud, and messy. On the other hand the “Fields” are my organized and structured side, which creates monochromatic, sharp-lined, and subtle paintings.

 Through these paintings I have been able to study myself inside of human nature and with these works I invite the viewer to view, to question, to embrace, or disregard the ideas they find within each piece."

What I realized as I worked was that I was drawn to all the pieces I created in the vein of the Field and was disappointed by all of the creatures. This was a more interesting outcome of the original thought than I could have imagined - the Fields won out and became a series of simplicity, embracing negative space and a two tone palette. All of the pieces were meticulously crafted - Oil pen creating the lines, flat white acrylic paint, allowed the paintings to almost disappear against their background and accents of gold leaf were the soft yet strict accents to the pieces. They are delicate and stark at the same time.